634.686 Europeans Have Signed Against Nuclear Energy

In order to fight the comeback of nuclear power, we have collected more than half a million signatures against nuclear power in Europe.

Nuclear power is the problem, not the solution!

Europe must stop wasting taxpayers’ money to protect a dangerous and expensive technology. 20 years after the Chernobyl disaster, nuclear power remains the most dangerous mechanism for electricity generation. Nuclear energy is also no solution to climate change. And, globalised terrorism makes nuclear power stations and the uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear material a serious security hazard.

Piebalgs welcomes gift boxes full of signatures on nuclear treaty’s 50th birthday

Brussels, March 23 – Ahead of the 50th anniversaries of the EU and its pro-nuclear Euratom Treaty, 780 organisations and 630,000 individuals have demanded abolition of Euratom and a phase-out of nuclear power across Europe.

European Energy Commissioner Piebalgs received birthday presents packed with signatures today, and campaigners encouraged EU member states to consider the legally sound option of unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear treaty.

More about nuclear power

Governments across Europe turn a blind eye on the fact that the majority of the Europeans is opposing nuclear energy. By collecting one million signatures against nuclear power in Europe, we will make sure that the voice of the citizen will be heard.