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Game League of Legends: Seven Strongest Attackers.

Game League of Legends: Seven Strongest Attackers.

When playing the game League of Legends, picking the right hero can be hard. As an occasional rule, all you need is a champion that can deal a lot of damage while still being tough in close combat. The seven champions below are some of the best in this group, which is called the AP burst.

Game League of Legends: Rumble

Keep an eye out for characters with cool gear, like Rumble. His Q makes foes burn over time, and it also charges up his other moves. The ultimate ability of W is very useful because it can either trap enemies or speed up friends. It slows down enemies and protects them.

Game League of Legends: Swain

It seems like Swain can do a lot of different things. All of his enemies in the area take damage from his ultimate, which also does extra magic damage every so often. The snare he has and his ability to heal himself make him very flexible in both solo queue and competitive play.

Game League of Legends: Kenn

Another choice that can be used in many situations, Kennen. He can also use his Q to close gaps and his W to protect himself. His final ability sends lightning bolts at enemies. He is also a flexible choice because he can be built as either an offensive or defensive bruiser.


Malphite is hard to beat because his passive gives him more health every time he is hit. Other players’ attack speeds are slowed down by his Q, and their W does damage to an area and protects him from enemy magic. His E is a good choice late in the game because it does magic damage and lowers protection.


From patch 4.20 on, Gragas has gotten better, which makes him a great enemy for bruisers. With this passive skill, he can set up ganks, turn enemies into towers, and jump over walls. For added benefit, it makes him faster and heals him. A flexible choice for an AP bruiser to think about.

Game League of Legends: The Mordekaiser,

The shield that Mordekaiser has can take damage, which lets him stay living longer. Using his skills does magic damage and makes it more powerful when he hits more than one enemy. He has more health thanks to the W passive, and if he kills an enemy, his final ability doesn’t go into cooldown.

Dear Shyvana

Shyvana shuts down enemies and does more magic damage at the same time that she uses her Q to cause early damage. With all four of her skills, she becomes a dangerous opponent at the sixth level. Her W helps her stay in place in the lane and avoid getting ganked, especially when she comes out of dragon form.

When playing AGENGACOR League of Legends, picking the right hero doesn’t have to be hard all the time. Even when they are under a lot of stress, these seven AP bruisers can still land a powerful hit. That’s why you should give these heroes a try and see which one fits your play style the best, whether you’re trying to move up the ranks or just having fun!